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Know the plant you buy!

Invasive plants have several names and/or synonyms. It is important to be sure about the identity of the plants you buy and/or plant in order to guarantee they are not part of the list of invasive plants in Belgium.


Download the list of names and main synonyms of invasive plants (French version)


Be careful with garden waste

Deposit of garden waste or plant waste (for terrestrial or aquatic plants) containing fragments of invasive plants is a well-known vector contributing to the spread of those species. Seeds, small fragments of stems, roots or rhizomes can easily regenerate populations in nature. Garden waste or plant waste (including compost) must never be dumped in the countryside. Deposit of garden waste in the wild is an illegal act in Belgium.

garden_waste2_web  garden_waste_web

Deposit of garden waste in the wild (photos: M. Halford)


How to prevent an invasive plant from escaping out of my garden ?

If you have an invasive plant in your garden and you want to keep it in place, there are good practices to prevent them from escaping out of your garden and therefore reducing the risk of establishment in natural habitats. For example: 
- cut the flowers after flowering and before fructification in order to avoid dissemination of seeds.
- use a rhizome barrier with plants multiplying by rhizomes  in order to avoid excessive lateral expansion (list of rhizomatous invasive plants: Aster lanceolatus, Aster novi-belgii, Aster x salignus, Cyperus eragrostis, Fallopia japonica, Fallopia sachalinensis, Fallopia x bohemica, Helianthus tuberosus, Lupinus polyphyllus, Persicaria polystachya, Rosa rugosa, Rudbeckia laciniata, Solidago canadensis, Solidago gigantea, Spiraea alba , Spiraea douglasii, Spiraea x billardii).


Alternative plants

An alternative plant is a non invasive species which can be used as a substitute to invasive plants, meaning a plant with similar ornamental/functional properties but presenting no risk for biodiversity. Horticultural catalogues are full of plants meeting these criteria. Ask alternative plants to nursery professionals involved in the code. A brochure and a folder with a selection of alternative plants are now available !

           The brochure on invasive plants and alternatives
(FR version)

                  The folder on aquatic invasive plants and alternatives
(FR version)