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Final workshop of the AlterIAS project

Four years in awareness on invasive plants


Date : 25/09/2013
Duration : 1 day
Location : University of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULg) - Espace Senghor
Language : FR – NL




Scope – theme of the workshop

This event aims at presenting main results of the AlterIAS project by sharing experiences between partners and stakeholders.

What are the impacts of the awareness campaigns conducted by the project? Has the project succeeded to induce a change of attitudes? Which communication tools were most efficient? What are the lessons from the first Belgian Code of conduct? All these questions will be discussed during this workshop which is the opportunity to present the results of almost four years in communication on invasive plants disseminated at the national level. The workshop shall focus on the Code of conduct on invasive plants in the context of self-regulation and regulation instruments on IAS in Belgium and Europe. A session will be dedicated to Codes of conduct and similar initiatives in neighboring countries.

Key words: Invasive plants, communication, Codes of conduct, self-regulation and regulation.


Public target     

Partners of the AlterIAS project (steering committee), organizations involved in the Code (horticultural federations or associations, environmental associations), public managers (cities, municipalities, provinces), horticulture professionals (nursery men, garden contractors, landscape architects), teachers in horticulture and landscape architecture, journalists, scientists in Belgium working on invasion biology and guests from abroad.



1.    The AlterIAS project: results of communication campaigns and first lessons from the Code of conduct on invasive plants in Belgium
2.    Testimonies from horticultural federations, public green managers and horticulture professionals
3.    Regulation and self-regulation tools on invasive plants: perspectives in Belgium and in Europe
4.    Codes of conduct and similar initiatives abroad


Program and location

The program of the day is available (French version / Dutch version)

The presentations (PDF versions) are available in the French and Dutch part of this website



AlterIAS [2010 - 2013] is an 'Information & Communication' LIFE project coordinated by the Biodiversity and Landscape Unit (University of Liège Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech), in collaboration with the Centre Technique Horticole and the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt. It is supported and co-financed by the LIFE + program of the European Commission and by regional and federal administrations responsible for environment in Belgium (Agentshap voor Natuur en Bos, Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel, Federal Public Service, Service Public de Wallonie).