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Alternative plants


There is a very easy way to reduce introductions of invasive plants:

Simply choose other plants...


Invasive plants represent a very small proportion of the total amount of ornamental plants available within the horticultural market (less than 1%). In Europe, there are at least 55 000 woody plants and perenials available for sale. It is therefore easy to choose other plants among the large variety of plants offered to the public...

Alternative plants can be recommanded instead of invasive plants (see what can we do ?). An alternative plant is a non invasive species which can be used as a substitute to invasive plants, meaning a plant with similar ornamental/functional properties but presenting no risk for biodiversity. Horticultural catalogues are full of plants meeting these criteria. A brochure and a folder with a selection of alternative plants are now available.

           The brochure on invasive plants and alternatives
(FR version)

                  The folder on aquatic invasive plants and alternatives
(FR version)



There are several other programs working on alternative plants. You will find additional information on the following websites (pay attention, alternative plants proposed in those programs are not systematically appropriate for Belgium. Some of them are exotic plants that could become invasive in our regions):