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[ALTERnatives to Invasive Alien Species] 

ATTENTION: Regulation on invasive alien species is subject to regular changes.

Check for the most recent information and up-to-date European list of invasive alien species.


What can we do ?

The Code of Conduct

                                   ALTERnative plants                  





What is an invasive plant ?

Definition, impacts, introduction pathways, FAQ, etc.

Invasive plants in Belgium





June 2016 - Additional instruments for Code of conduct 


English translation not yet available


April 2016 - EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species


The Regulation 1143/2014 on invasive alien species entered into force on 1 January 2015. This Regulation seeks to address the problem of invasive alien species in a comprehensive manner so as to protect native biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as to minimize and mitigate the human health or economic impacts that these species can have.

The Regulation foresees three types of interventions; prevention, early detection and rapid eradication, and management.

A list of invasive alien species of Union concern will be drawn up and managed with Member States using risk assessments and scientific evidence. The risk assessments are available here.


July 2014 - Evaluation of the final report by the European Commission

The final report of the AlterIAS project has been very positively evaluated by th EC. An article on the Belgian Code of conduct was also published in the EPPO Bullletin: Halford et al. (2014). The Code of conduct on invasive alien plants in Belgium: results and lessons learnt from the AlterIAS LIFE + project. EPPO Bulletin 44 (2): 1-11. This article is based on two discussion notes wrote by the AlterIAS project and sent to the EC (a note on the Code and a note on regulation and self-regulation instruments on invasive alien plants).


March 2014 - The After Life Communication Plan and the Layman's report

The last publications of the AlterIAS project are now available in French, Dutch and English. The After LIFE Communication Plan [2014 - 2018] and the Layman's report are now finalized.


AlterIAS on TV

Several TV reportages were dedicated to the AlterIAS project, invasive alien plants and the Code of conduct. A total of 11 reportages were broadcasted during the AlterIAS project. Here are a few links.


November 2013 - Results of the final survey on invasive alien plants and Code of conduct

The final survey on the perception of invasive alien plants by the horticultural sector in Belgium is now available!


April 2012 - Invasive plants: issue of biodiversity, challenge for society

Our documentary film on invasive plants is now available on this website (click here to view the long version or the trailer).


January 2012 - A raising awareness campaign in the teaching sector

Since January 2012, the AlterIAS project is leading an awareness campaign on invasive plants for schools, colleges and universities in agronomy, horticulture or landscape architecture.


September 2011 - The Code of conduct on invasive plants

The code of conduct on invasive plants in Belgium is now available ! Posters, folders and logos related to the code are available on this website. Make an act for preserving biodiversity and subscribe to the code of conduct !


February 2011 - The AlterIAS newsletters

To learn more about invasive plants and the AlterIAS project progress, read our newletters.  


March 2011 - Results of the AlterIAS survey

Results from the socio-economic survey on invasive ornamental plants are now available !