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Duchesnea indica


Common name: Indian strawberry
Synonyms: Fragaria indica, Potentilla indica, Duchesnia major
Origin: East-Asia
Plant type: Herbaceous
Life cycle: Perennial
Code of conduct: Annex I (consensus list)
Invasive status (ISEIA protocol): Watch list
Main ornemental function: Mixed border • Cover ground


Small plant up to 30 cm tall at flowering. Yellow flowers. Stoloniferous plant. Runners greenish, pilose, up to 20- 50 cm long. Basal leaves in rosette. Leaves similar to wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca). Red fruits (strawberry), fleshy but tasteless.


The introduction and spread of D. indica is little documented. It spreads and multiplies rapidly by runners (stem layering) up to 20 ? 100 cm long. Cultivated for ornamental purposes.


Wood species which prefers moist, nitrophilous and shaded habitats. Also found in grassland and urban parks.


Species classified B2 in Belgium. Potentially invasive in Austria and Switzerland. Restricted range in Belgium, mostly present present in Flanders. Due to stem layering, the species is likely to form dense carpets in the understorey which can have impact on native vegetation. Nevertheless, its impact on native flora and ecosystem functionning is poorly documented. For more information about this species, click here


Do not plant, do not buy this species.

Possible native alternatives

Main ornemental function

Mixed border
Cover ground

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