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Bidens frondosa


Common name: Beggarticks
Synonyms: Bidens melanocarpa
Origin: North America
Plant type: Herbaceous
Life cycle: Annual
Code of conduct: Annex I (consensus list)
Invasive status (ISEIA protocol): Watch list
Main ornemental function: Mixed border


Herb up to 1 or 2 m tall with yellow flowers. Leaves are divided in 3 to 5 leaflets with dentate margin.


B. frondosa only reproduces by seeds. High dispersal capacities. One individual can produce a several thousands of seeds, mainly dispersed by wind, but also through waterflow and by aquatic birds. The plant has been introduced accidentally.


Pioneer species in moist ground. Mostly found in riverbanks, alluvial soils, waste ground.


Species classified B3 in Belgium. The species is invasive in several countries like France, Austria, Portugal, where B. frondosa can form dense populations which have negative effects on native species, specially the native Bidens tripartita. It can affect high conservation value habitats along riverbanks. Despite this, in Belgium, impacts on native vegetation seems to be rather limited. There are few big populations. For more information about this species, click here


Do not buy nor plant this species.

Possible native alternative

Main ornemental function

Mixed border

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