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Amelanchier lamarckii


Common name: Snowy mespilus
Synonyms: Amelanchier canadensis, Amelanchier laevis
Origin: North America
Plant type: Tree
Life cycle: Perennial
Code of conduct: Annex II
Invasive status (ISEIA protocol): Watch list
Main ornemental function: Ornamental tree


Small but dense tree up to 5 - 12 m tall. Abundant flowering with white coloured flowers in Spring, producing dark blue fruits in Summer. Leaves are purple in Spring and orange-yellow coloured in Autumn. The species is highly appreciated for its estethic proprieties during all seasons.


High dissemination potential. Cultivated for ornamental purpose and frequently planted.


Urban areas. When escaped in nature, it grows on sandy acidic soils. It colonises woodland, forest edges, sometimes heathlands and riverbanks.


Species classified B2 in Belgium. A. lamarckii is little documented in the literature. Snowy mespilus can reduce the development of ground vegetation but it rarely forms dense monospecific stands. Outcompetition of native species is considered as unlikely. For more information, click here


1) Avoid planting this species near heathlands and forests (forests on acidic soils), especially in the vicinity of protected areas (natural reserves, Natura 2000 sites, etc.).

Possible native alternative

Main ornemental function

Ornamental tree

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