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For horticulture professionals


Plant different...

...when the green sector engages to protect biodiversity


This code is dedicated to green sector professionals, meaning professionals involved in the production and the use of ornamental plants. This includes nursery men (producers or sellers of terrestrial or aquatic plants), sellers in garden centers, aquarists, public green managers, landscape architects, garden contractors, horticulture professionals working in botanical gardens or arboreta. The Code contains 5 measures easy to adopt:


     1. Keep informed about the list of invasive plants in Belgium

     2. Stop selling and/or planting selected invasive plants in Belgium ('consensus list') 

     3. Disseminate information about invasive plants to customers or citizens

     4. Communicate and promote the use of non invasive alternative plants

     5. Take part in early detection  


For detailed information, download the Code of conduct on invasive plants


How to subscribe to the code?

It is very easy. First, please read the code with attention (see above). If you agree with the content and decide to endorse it, register yourself on the partner database (see become a partner) by filling the required information.

This registration will allow you to receive automatically by Email a login and a password for downloading the code of conduct logo symbolising your involvement. You can use it freely (see Use the logo). The registration also allows you to be located on a google map system. On this map you will see other professionals involved in the code (see Partner already engaged). Thanks to this system, customers or citizens will be able to locate you and contact you if needed.


The Code of conduct logo (French and Dutch version) 

Communication tools related to the code ("Plant different" campaign)

For partners registered in the database, communication tools (folders, brochures, etc.) are available in paper versions in the head office of horticultural federations/associations.

The code of conduct poster (French version)
The code of conduct folder (French version)
Communication on plants in Annex II (French version)
The pictogram for communication on invasive plants
The factsheet for early detection (French version)

 folders_plant_different_web         poster_code_fr_nl_web

These communication tools will be displayed and disseminated by partners (nurseries, municipalities, garden centers, etc.) involved in the code of conduct.