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September 2011: Ceremonies of presentation and signature of the Code of conduct on invasive plants.

In September 2011, the AlterIAS project has officially launched the first Code of conduct on invasive plants in Belgium. A ceremony of presentation and signature was organized in each region (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) in presence of representatives of main horticultural federations and associations, horticulture professionals, representatives of regional and federal administrations, representatives of Ministers and of course the AlterIAS team.


The ceremony of signature at the Centre Technique Horticole of Gembloux, September 21th 2011.


The ceremony of signature at the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt, September 15th 2011.


The ceremony of signature at Brussels in presence of the Minister Evelyne Huytebroeck and Mathieu Halford (project coordinator), September 18th 2011.


Main horticultural federations and associations have signed the code symbolically (see extract below). Several cities and municipalities have already endorsed it. Non horticultural associations (environmental associations, beekeepers association, etc.) have also signed the Code in order to underline their will to promote it actively.


Copies of signatures from main horticultural federations and associations present during the ceremonies at Destelbergen, Gembloux and Brussels


These events allowed the AlterIAS project to give visibility in press. Several articles were published in newspapers, radio and TV reportages have been disseminated. We now hope that the Code of conduct campaign shall be successful in the future and there will be a significant involvement from the ornamental sector throughout Belgium.